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Traveling to Miami Florida sometime in the future? If you need to find a luxury & exotic car rental in Miami, you can always turn to Prestige Luxury Rentals. We’ll provide you with more than just a plain car, but with the one, you have always dreamed of. From the beginning, the driving force behind our company has been to establish a culture of customer service and to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. We understand that just owning a fleet of the most prestigious luxury and exotic car rental Miami isn’t enough to build a world-class company, creating and maintaining great relationships with our clients is. That is the heart of our success and we’ve never looked back.   You should rent a luxury car in Miami for various reasons: -to explore the surroundings of Miami Beach, -to drive along Ocean Drive, -to find the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens or admire the Old Cutler Road.   You can also use it either to get fast and safe from meeting to meeting, if you are here for business reasons, or to randomly explore the dynamic city. Nothing is more pleasant than discovering a new and exciting city in the comfort of a rented luxury car of your choice. Exotic Car Rental Miami However, it is not imperative to be a traveler in order to turn to an exotic car rental in Miami. You can also be a local who wants to mark a special moment in his life or to see everyday places in a new light. For example, a night out has another vibe when you are driving a show-stopping car and everybody else admires it. Or you can rent a convertible and ride on top of Miami’s highest point, the Ricken Backer Causeway while admiring the breathtaking view. By choosing Prestige Luxury Rentals, you can be certain that you are choosing the best luxury car rental in Miami. You can rely on our luxury car rental service because we have been in the industry for more than twelve years, and have the necessary experience and expertise to cater to all of your needs. Our company offers you an affordable path to experience driving a luxury car, the right one of your dreams. Established in 2004, Prestige Luxury Rentals has served thousands of clients and hundreds of luxury lifestyle hotels, travel agencies, and concierge service companies. Service is paramount at Prestige. Our quality-first approach ensures that we provide the highest level of customer service by providing our staff with unparalleled customer service training and the tools necessary to give our clients the personal attention they’ve come to expect from a world-class luxury rental company. We believe this is the main reason we have one of the top customer retention rates in our industry, with over 50% of our rentals being repeat customers and 25% referrals. This fuels our desire to continue being a leader in our industry. Rent or Hire an exotic car rental in Miami Beach, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, or New jersey.
 Whether you wish to temporarily enjoy driving premium cars or you already have some but want to try others, you can rely on our luxury car rental in Miami. Take advantage of this opportunity to see what luxury tastes like, but at an affordable price.
Our driving force behind our daily operations is simply customer satisfaction and knowing that our clients are loyal to our brand and enjoy the experience that we provide through our entire booking, rental, and return process. We take pride in our reputation and are constantly finding new ways to provide our clients with more services like door-to-door delivery, cell phone availability with unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot, personal/luggage transfer service, and agents available 24 hours a day, every day. With 4 main locations exotic car rentals in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and New Jersey we have become a premier luxury car rental and exotic car rental company in South Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey. We have partners in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, and our fleet of SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, luxury, and exotic cars is available for rent in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and New Jersey/New York.

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As one of the leading providers of exotic, luxury, and sports car rentals nationwide, you will surely find something to fit your preference in one of our showrooms. Our company’s fleet consists of the world’s finest automobiles like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and many more. In addition, all of our exotic and luxury cars are the newest makes and models. So if you’re in need of a luxury or exotic car rental in Miami Beach, Orlando, or Atlanta, Prestige Luxury Rentals has you covered. We provide delivery and pickup. When anyone thinks of an exotic car rental Miami beach or a luxury car rental Miami they call us.
Contact us to learn more about additional services offers like villas, yachts, or private jet rentals or to reserve your luxury or exotic car rental, today! Our courteous and professional staff is available daily from 8 am to 8 pm so call today at (888) 513-9711 and let us spoil you with the care and service you deserve. When you land at any Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or Atlanta Airport make sure to call us so we can deliver your exotic car rental or luxury car rental to you. After all, you only live once, make this life one to remember, and don’t forget to tell your friends about Prestige Luxury Rentals’ superior luxury car rental Miami service!
Our luxury car rental Miami has conveniently located nearby the airport, to make it easier for you to take and return the car you have rented. You can also tell us where you want it to be delivered and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you are set with the luxury car you have always wanted, you can find out by yourself what is special about Miami and who knows, you might want to stay a little longer and enjoy the sunshine.
For more information contact us by email at or call 1-888-513-9711.