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Whether seeking a sports sedan, two-seat roadster, or full-size luxury coupe, BMW models offer a wide range of vehicles which set themselves apart from their competitors through an intense devotion to reaching the pinnacle of modern automotive performance. BMW have built their reputation on the back of luxury vehicles which tap into a sporting spirit which has guided the hand of the company’s designers for decades.
Each car that leaves the factory in Bavaria has to meet the exacting standards of not only German engineers, but also German test drivers. The autobahns surrounding the BMW production areas are buzzing with prototypes which have set out to determine whether that particular vehicle is worthy of wearing the blue and white BMW badge.
BMW have long been famous for their perfection of the inline 6-cylinder engine, a motor which powered not only their standard sedans but also their high performance M vehicles. The company has remained true to this heritage by producing a new line of twin-turbocharged 6’s which increase performance to a lofty new level and compliments their standard offerings. The company has also pushed boundaries by introducing V8 and V10 engines into their lineup, which join the smooth, powerful V12 that has been a mainstay of the 7-Series for many years.
In keeping with their tradition of excellence, BMW also makes sure that each vehicle’s interior is stocked with enough luxury to keep even the most demanding driver of an exotic car rental happy. Advanced technologies such as adaptive cruise control combine with traditional features like heated leather seats and an intuitive driver environment to make sure that the high performance thrills are matched by a level of comfort which is hard to duplicate. BMW’s combination of power, handling and cutting-edge styling make them a brand which holds a special place in the hearts of discerning luxury car rental drivers.

BMW i8

BMW i8 ‘Modern luxury’ has a new definition for sports cars. It still includes traditional standards of high speed, superior handling, and precision braking, but it has also grown to include new standards of environmental friendliness and unsurpassed gas mileage. The 2014 BMW i8, with its high powered hybrid...

BMW i8 Coupe

BMW I8 Coupe The BMW i8 is, by all means, a supercar. Its futuristic and outrageous styling attracts looks from down the block, opening its wild flip-up doors speaks of your presence, and its performance catalog is well crammed into its carbon-composite frame that is low-slung. Further to note,...


4.7L V8 DOHC 32V
BMW I8 Roadster available for rent in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and surrounding cities. Call us now to make your reservation. We Deliver!

BMW M850I Convertible

BMW M850I Convertible Rental The BMW 8-series is finally back after 20 long years, and everyone is excited about the M850I convertible. This luxury car is an excellent rental option, but it’s not only fast but comfortable as well. Before the return of this series in May 2019, there...