Ferrari F430 Spider

» Ferrari F430 Spider
The droptop version of the world class sports car, the F430 Spyder delivers a sublime driving experience that you’ll never forget.
Ferrari F430 Spider

Engine: 4.5L V8 562 HP

Bodystyle: 2 Door Convertible

Standard Seating: 2

Transmission:  7 Speed Automated manual

Cargo Capacity: 8.1CU.FT.

Fuel Economy: 12 CITY/ 18 HWY

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  • Ferrari F430 spider Rentals
  • Ferrari F430 spider Rentals

For the F 430 there is no exaggeration needed, it is truly the ultimate dream car. Every inch of the 430 has been inspired by the F 1 racing designs. As the successor to the 360, the F 430 is everything the 360 was just better. Ferrari designed the 430's 90-degree engine directly from designs used in the Ferrari's Formula 1 engines. It’s lighting fast of the line, going from, 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds, falling short of only the Enzo and 599 Fiorano. This can be attributed to the sequential manual gearbox that shifts in only 150 milliseconds, providing virtually uninterrupted acceleration. Another F 1 inspired feature is that the driving dynamics of the 430 can be adjusted from the steering wheel to match desired performance. From the outside Ferrari really out did themselves, everything about this car is stunning. There is only thing that we need to warn you about, the 430 usually causes uncontrollable staring in onlookers, so be prepared to be noticed no matter when you go.

Passenger Capacity:
Luggage Capacity:
Fuel Capacity:
25 gals@13 mpg